Do you want to remodel your basement so that you can have the perfect space to watch the big game, for a game room or for a nice bar to host parties?

Redoing your basement is an effective way to increase living space in your home. Elite Custom Builders can create the perfect living space for you.

Read on to learn more about basement remodeling projects for your home.


A “man cave” is a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man who lives in the home, to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities. Men need a room that is exclusively theirs to go to and just be themselves.  

“Man caves” can make guys better husbands and fathers. Here’s why:

Men having a “man cave” can allow them to de-stress, have “me” time and have a room dedicated to releasing extra physical energy.

  • De-stressing: Many men have high stress jobs with long hours, and they just need a place to relax and unwind. Work and life-related stress can build up if there is no healthy outlet for it.
  • Having “Me” time: Both men and women need some “me” time for a healthy relationship. Their brains need time to take a break and reflect. Men need to reflect on relationships, businesses, careers and friendships. Because men like to fix things, men need time to figure out solutions to the problem they are facing.
  • Physical: There is a physical aspect to why men need a “man cave.” Man caves can be a great space for men to be able to be active and workout. Whether this is running on the treadmill or getting in a weightlifting session, men need a space to be active.

Finishing your basement or turning it into a man cave is a very cost effective way to add extra living space to your home because the square footage is already there, it just needs to be finished.



she shed

Men have their “man caves,” but women also need their own spot. A “She Shed” could be the answer. This is a place for women to create their dream room and have it be their own.

It can be a perfect getaway, hobby room or just a place to bring friends.

  • Perfect getaway: Having a full time career, being a mom or wife can be exhaustive. Being able to escape into your own perfect getaway can help you regenerate before you have to step back into reality.
  • Hobbies: Think of all fun activities you can get done in your “She Shed.” Writing a book, yoga, watching your favorite TV show — there are countless things to be done! A “She Shed” could allow you to have a peaceful and comfortable space to focus on a hobby you have always wanted to do!
  • Girl time: The “She Shed” is the perfect space for you and your girlfriends to spend time together, have a girls night and just be in each others company.



There are many ways to transform your basement into the perfect space.

You can transform your basement into a:

  • Home office
  • Bar or wine cellar
  • Bedroom
  • Media room



Basement home offices allow you to have a definite workspace that is separate from the rest of the house. Turning an unused space in your basement into an office can cut down noise and other disturbances. Even if you just want to spend two hours at home with office work, you now have the perfect place to get the job done.

You are in need of a functional and comfortable workplace in your home. Working from a home office not only allows you to be in the comfort of your own home, but you do not have to put on a suit!



Turning your basement into a gathering area with a bar is very popular, and it can complete your house. Basement bars become the favorite room in the house to entertain and relax. Having a basement bar can allow your family and friends to have a comfortable and convenient space to socialize together over food and drinks.

Turning your basement into a wine cellar can make for the perfect space for serious wine collectors or those that have an interest in wine. Many people keep their wine bottles on the counter or in the refrigerator, but wine needs proper storing, and having a wine cellar can allow you to do this. Since basements are built underground, keeping it at a constant temperature year round is a lot easier than in other parts of the house.

By transforming your basement into a wine cellar, you can eliminate storage costs and have every bottle on hand. In-home wine cellars are a growing trend, and you can have one of your own.



Basements can be an underused room that have a lot of potential, it can be turned into an additional bedroom. Basement bedrooms are a wonderful space for creating additional rooms with a quiet and cozy atmosphere in your home. The darkness can make for the perfect space for a guest bedroom. Guests can stay in this extra bedroom, while feeling like they have their own space.



Why go to the movies when you can have the entertainment brought to you in the comfort of your home? Turning your basement into a media room can make for the perfect space to entertain. It does not matter if your media room has a full size theatre or a flat screen TV, it is your own space.

Basement media rooms are becoming very common because of their convenience and entertainment value. Turning your unfinished basement into a media room can make a perfect space to entertain your guests and family.



A finished basement can be a great addition to a home, but keep in mind these tips before you get started on renovations:

  • Keep it dry
  • Add a vapor barrier
  • Keep out the cold
  • Drop ceilings for easy access
  • The utility room



Check for any water issues in your basement before you begin to remodel. Obvious signs are drips coming through the ceiling or water pools. Also check for cracks in the foundation, and repair them if necessary.



Even after taking care of any moisture problems, your basement can still be a damp place. You will need to add a vapor barrier to both the walls and floors before finishing off those surfaces. It is a good idea to lay the vapor barrier down two days before to check how much moisture may be coming through.



You want to keep out the cold and let the warmth in. Insulation will help control the inside temperature of your basement, add another layer of moisture control and help limit sound from outside. Choose an insulation with a vapor barrier on both sides.



A drop ceiling can conceal and provide easy access to electrical and plumbing lines through removable tiles. There are many attractive options available. These ceilings can lessen the amount of overhead space available.



The utility room is not for finishing. Keep the space with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water heaters open and unfinished. There are specific code requirements for spacing and framing, plus access for repairs.


Basements offer a unique remodeling opportunity, and there are countless ways to transform your basement and make it your own!

Finishing your basement is one of the most cost-effective ways to add living space to your home.

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