Are you wondering what questions to ask a commercial builder you’re considering for the job and how they can help you with your project?

What type of questions should they be answering to gain your trust?


It is important to select a commercial builder early in the building process. Your commercial builder will be able to give you resources and assess if your project can be completed in the desired space.

There are many project a commercial can do:


remodeling interior        interior finished project

You want to be prepared when selecting a commercial builder. It is important to know what your commercial builder specializes in before you select one.

When you are choosing a commercial builder, ask these questions:

How long has your company been in business? What experience do your employees have?

  • Can you show me previous examples of your work? Visit previous projects so that you are able to assess the quality of the work.
  • Are you licensed or insured? Do you offer warranty for your work?
  • Can I create my own features, or am I limited to your design?
  • Who is going to be the supervisor? If I need to contact someone, who will that be?
  • How long will the project take? If necessary, can my business stay open during construction?
  • Are you willing to work around my schedule?
  • Why should I select your company over others? What can you offer that other companies cannot?

It is important to feel at at ease with your commercial builder and build a trusting relationship between you and them.

You don’t want to be worrying if your builder has your best interest at heart.


Your commercial builder will handle several aspects of your projects to make it stress-free for you as the owner or manager:

  • The permit application process for the building
  • Making sure the project aheres and follows building codes and zoning regulations
  • Manage the design process
  • Supply the resources needed for your project


Every commercial builder is different, some do ground up projects, and others could do interior build outs, or the commercial builder may do both. It is important to know what your commercial builder specializes in before starting on your project.

It is crucial that you see examples of the commercial builders work. Look at their work, and talk to former customers. Make sure you like their style and that the work is high quality.


Make sure that your commercial builder has correct and up-to-date licenses and insurances for your project.


Some send their projects out to bid, if so, you will get quotes from multiple commercial builders.

Review the details of these bids, and make sure to ask questions. If one bid is slightly higher, that may be because the commercial builder noticed an issue with the space that will need to be taken care of before starting the project. Make sure that the work is truly needed. This can show which commercial builders are more diligent than others.

Pay attention to bids that are much higher and lower than other bids. Figure out why this is. The commercial builder may use cheaper materials or higher trained staff or can get the project done in a short amount of time.

Ask questions such as:

  • What issues did you find with the building (if it’s an interior buildout project)?
  • Do you only use this supplier for your materials? Are you willing to use other suppliers?
  • What weather issues do you foresee happening (especially if the project comes up in the winter)


Make sure you know if the commercial builder you are going to choose has experience with your specific project.

For example, if your project is an interior buildout for a restaurant, make sure your commercial builder has done this type of project before. You should take into consideration the years of experience the commercial builder and their staff have, to make sure they are properly trained for the job.


Select a commercial builder that is quick to respond to emails/calls and will be patient when you ask questions. Make sure they let you know the progress on the project, and who to talk to if there is a problem. The commercial builder should let you visit the job site while working on the project.

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