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Knowing the style of your home can help you develop a strong plan. You will also have a better appreciation for the way your house was designed and built.

There are many variations within different styles of homes, whichever one you have always dreamed of, we can build you a custom that fits one of these styles.


There are several different types of home styles. These include:

  • Log homes
  • Cape cod
  • Contemporary
  • Colonial
  • Modern
  • Ranch-style  
  • Tudor
  • Farmhouse
  • Victorian


Log homes started as small cabins in the 1600s, but today, many log homes function as luxurious getaways. Log homes can be built in any location, but are mostly found in rural areas. There are no two log homes alike, each are unique by design, shape, size and style. The type of wood can vary. There are several species of wood used in homes throughout the country.

There are many types of profiles that can be cut for your log home.

  • Square and rectangular log: Logs are cut with four square corners. These logs are uniform in width and height or they can be rectangular.
  • Round log: Logs are cut circular, without any angles or corners. Logs that are cut circular on each end but with a flat top and bottom are called “double round” logs. 
  • Swedish cope: These are logs that are cut circular, with a crescent removed from the bottom of the log so that the logs stack on each other.
  • D-log: These are cut with one round side and one flat side for those that wish for one side of a log wall to have a flat surface and the other side rounded.
  • Handcrafted: These logs remain in their natural shape. Handcrafted log homes are built so that each log is in a specific location in a home, allowing for maximum stability, while keeping the rustic look.


Cape cod homes were developed in America in the 18th century. Three centuries later, and this style is still very popular because of the perfect size, layout and resale value.

The key elements that make a Cape Cod house are:

  • Large, central chimney: The large, central chimney is located behind the front door to give heat off to the surrounding rooms.
  • Steep roof: Cape cods have steep roofs to reject rain and snow.
  • Shingle siding: Grey shingles are one of the most recognizable characteristics of a Cape Cod, but newer homes are built with brick and stone.
  • Windows and dormers: Most Cape Cods have two windows on each side of the front door, and often have a dormer on each side of the chimney.


Contemporary style homes combine a variety of historic elements with current lifestyle concepts that result in a warm and inviting home.

Key components that make up a contemporary home are:

  • Sustainable, natural components: Bring the outdoors inside, such as bamboo floors, granite countertops and “living” roofs made of green plants, which are very popular in this style of home.
  • Recycled materials: Countertops, roofing and flooring made of composite materials.
  • Natural light: Many houses today feature large windows and skylights to let the sun in.


Colonial architecture is often characterized by shuttered windows. Dormers, chimneys and columns are used to compliment the formal style.


Modern architecture refers to design that is inspired by the historical art of modernism. Key characteristics of a modern home include:

  • Open living space: Modern homes feature open floor plans that combine a space for dining, entertaining and relaxing.
  • Advanced materials: Instead of the traditional wood and plaster materials, modern homes use materials like concrete, steel, glass and iron.
  • Geometric features: Modern homes highlight geometric lines.


Ranch style homes are generally one-story with a casual and open layout. A few characteristics of a ranch style home include:

  • Asymmetry: Most ranch style homes are built in a “L” or “U” shape.
  • Glass doors: Sliding glass doors are prominent to link the outdoors and the indoors. This is a way to let light through and connecting it with the patio.
  • Garage: Ranch style homes often accommodate garages for at least two cars.


Tudor style homes originated in England. These homes are very easy to point out, with characteristics such as:

  • Massive chimneys: These chimneys are normally made of brick or stone, and it is common to find a fireplace in every room of the house.
  • Exteriors: Tudor homes are constructed using brick, stucco, stone or slate materials.
  • Entryways: The entryways of this style home are sometimes decorated with stone or brick.


Farmhouse refers to the location and function of the home and not the style. These homes were originally built in rural areas with emphasis on agrarian lifestyle, relating to the land. These homes are built for design featuring porches and have an inviting interior and exterior.


Victoria homes are more complex in design with bright colors, big porches and asymmetrical shape. Characteristics of a victorian style home:

  • Several stories: Victorian homes are large, usually two or three stories.
  • Exterior: Victorian styles usually use stone or wood exterior for the outer walls.
  • Towers: Most people think of towers when they see a victorian home. High-end victorian homes have octagonal or round towers with a pointed roof.
  • Trim: These homes are decorated with elaborate metal or wood trim, commonly called “gingerbread.”


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