Why should men have all the fun?

Ladies, imagine a clean space decorated with your favorite colors, shelves filled with your favorite books, a sofa or a bed of your liking with several fluffy pillows and a flat screen TV propped on the wall – perfect to binge watch all your favorite rom-com movies. Sound like an oasis? Well, it just might be one.

Man caves’ are simply a space for men to relax with a cold drink and host game-day watch parties. They have been popularized not only in today’s culture, but also as a real estate selling feature that increases property value. But why should men have all the fun?

Make some space men because ladies need some ‘me’ time too, and the fast catching trend aptly named ‘She Sheds’ might just be the answer.

Despite the name, there is no hard and fast rule on how, where or who should have a she shed. Whether you want to have it inside the house, in the basement, outside in the garden or even in the form of a tree house, it’s a space you can decorate to match your Pinterest dream and call it your own.

Here’s 4 Reasons to Have a ‘She Shed’ When Finishing a Basement:

  1. Perfect Getaway – Having a full-time career, being a mom, a wife or just multi-tasking through your day could get over-whelming and exhausting. Being able to escape into your perfect little sanctuary could help you take a break and re-energize before you have to step back into reality.
  1. Cultivate your Hobbies – Do you dream of being the next J.K. Rowling, knitting a sweater, sipping and painting or do you just want to stretch, meditate and recite your om’s in peace? A ‘She Shed’ could allow you the space and time to peacefully concentrate on a hobby you’ve dreamt of picking up and mastering in your free time.

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  1. Become an Entrepreneur – Have a million ideas but need a space to think, focus and pen it down? Having a desk, chair, lamp and some quiet can help you launch your small or large business plan. This space could be a refuge that will allow you to be close enough to your family yet have some much-needed separation for your ideas to thrive.
  1. Girlfriends Retreat – The ‘She Shed’ could be a perfect little escape for you and your girlfriends to catch up on the latest gossip, have a tea party and watch non-stop episodes on Netflix without any interruption.

If the list of reasons above isn’t what you’re looking for in a ‘She Shed,’ if nothing else, it could be perfect for some extra closet space!

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