How to Design a Restaurant?

Tips for Successful Restaurant Design

As a restaurant owner, you may already have a redesign concept in mind to spruce up your space. If your dining room is outdated, or you feel your food does not match the aesthetic you would like to achieve, here are a few tips to keep in mind during the renovation process.

Check Lease Terms

Not all restaurateurs own the building where their restaurant is located. Check your lease for any terms restricting the renovation process.

You may think you have to foot the entire redesign bill yourself, but in some cases, the owner of the building might be willing to pitch in on the improvements to the space as they are sure to benefit from the updates in the long run. This step can assist you in setting the final budget for all renovations.

Define Target Clientele

If you’re already an established restaurant, you may know exactly the demographic to which you are catering. Keep in mind the various types of people you would like to see dining in your establishment, and let that guide your redesign process.

Once you know who you’re trying to attract, solidifying an aesthetic that will appeal to them is the next step. The plans for your redesign should be fluid throughout your space. Defining your clientele will help you in finalizing your overall concept.

Layout is Key

Restaurant Design

Is your space currently crowded, too small or a constant traffic jam with wait staff? Take these things into consideration with planning the new layout for your restaurant.

Knowing how many customers you would like to be able to serve at one time is a good starting point. Once the number of tables and chairs is decided on, start brainstorming the size of said tables, how the wait staff will maneuver around the dining room, and what the customer will see as he or she steps through the doors.

Don’t Forget the Storefront

Window displays have the potential to attract customers that otherwise would have walked past your establishment.

When planning your redesign, take into consideration that your storefront is the first taste of what your restaurant has to offer potential customers. Be sure to integrate the theme from the interior of your space into the exterior as well.

The design of your restaurant’s facade could be the key to unlocking hidden potential.

Be sure not to obscure the light or view into the dining area, as this provides passersby with a glimpse of the atmosphere provided within.

Details, Details, Details

While revamping your restaurant space, items such as doorknobs and silverware may not be high on your list of priorities, but these types of details are intricate in creating the atmosphere you and your customers desire.

Be sure not to overlook things such as table cloths, light fixtures, and artwork. And while you’re at it, give the menu that you’re handing to every guest a redesign. These details may seem minute, but they all work together toward one common goal. 

Elite Custom Builders

We can take the blank canvas that is your unfinished commercial space and create a visually striking and inviting workplace that is not only functional, but also beautiful.

We were able to create a full interior buildout for Cody’s Restaurant located in Bridgeport. Check it out here.

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