Movable Walls for a Flexible Workspace

Demountable Partitions are the ideal solution for an office or workspace that needs to be flexible to change. These interior walls, usually made of glass or steel with a myriad of wall coverings, are installed on a rail system that allow for quick removal and re-mounting of individual walls without the usual issues that come with demolition and construction.

 4 Reasons to Have a Demountable Partition:

demountable partition

  1. Speed of Construction: Wall partitions can be installed much faster than traditional stud wall partitioning.
  2. Design Flexibility: Demountable partitions are highly flexible with the ability to reconfigure and rearrange your space allowing you to expand your space quickly and efficiently.
  3. Minimal Disruption: They can be installed, removed or extended quickly, which means less disruption to your business and minimal delays in production.
  4. Cost Reduction: They are highly cost effective, and if your business changes location, you can take the partitioning with you. Save money on initial construction, maintenance costs and re-configuring/ upgrading your workspace.


Elite Custom BuildersElite Custom Builders are experts at installing many brands of demountable partitions and have served companies in many states all over the U.S. We work directly with the top manufacturers as well as business owners and office managers—when they need a first-class installation, they Build With Elite.


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